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Expert installations and repairs! No call out charges! No fix; No fee!

Garage door jammed? I can help! 07814 465972 or 01638 596536

From a brief description over the telephone, I can ascertain the make and model of your door, the fault and the cost to repair it. All repairs include inspection, service and adjustment of the entire mechanism to ensure it is returned to full and reliable function.

I carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts including handles, locks, springs, cables, cones, remote controllers and motors. I keep more spares on the van than any company repairing garage doors in the Cambridge-Bury St Edmunds-Thetford-Ely area.

Do I sell new garage doors?

Yes! I supply and install the complete product range from leading manufacturers Hormann, SWS Seceuroglide and Garador. Please see my New Garage Doors page.

About me

I am Clifford Hinchley, a local man raised in Burwell, educated in Newmarket and now residing in Red Lodge, midway between Bury St Edmunds and Ely, Thetford and Cambridge. Garage doors have been my trade for seventeen years. My entry into the industry was as an employee, fitting garage doors in Cambridge for a regional company in 1995. I gave notice and began trading as Newmarket Garage Doors in 2009.

Few can match my expertise in sectional, canopy, retractable, roller and automatic garage doors. My experience encompasses all makes and models, and their associated problems. I am familiar with even the most complex and innovative products from Hormann, Garador, Henderson, Cardale and SWS Seceuroglide.

A genuine locally based business offering real repairs

I do not just try and sell you a new door. If your door cannot be effectively repaired due to discontinued parts or known generic flaws, I will be able to tell you over the phone from the outset.

I am happy to give a quote, and for you to take that and shop around at your leisure. There are no "today only offers". If you require references, then I can oblige.

I earn my living fitting and repairing garage doors for the Cambridge, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds and Ely communities. I rely on the recommendation of previous clientele to promote my business. I do not sully my reputation by engaging in anything that might be construed as sly, pushy or slapdash.


I do not trade information about my customers with telesales databases, mailing lists, market researchers or anyone else. I do not even store client details on digital media, nor do I allow others to access my records. There are no advertisements or popups on my website and no tracking cookies.


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